Gender, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

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Whilst it is possible that the discrimination I have experienced is due to the ethnicity the underlines my genetic makeup, I believe that it is mainly due to my gender. Growing up in a predominantly white, middle class environment I was subjected to the enforcement of stringent gender stereotypes. Despite women’s advancement in working labour, men and woman from the same location experience the world in different ways, which is based on the way they are treated by others (Connerly & Pederson, 2005). Women continue to be primarily responsible for childcare and household labour (Rehman, 2002), as a result they are still subject to sexism.
This sexism reinforces the stereotypically appropriate roles imposed on women (Stodolska & Jackson, 1998), and this revealed itself during my adolescence. I experienced bullying throughout my teenage years, with sexist remarks to ‘get back in the kitchen’. Usually I could to ignore such taunts, but was greatly impacted by it in a professional environment. At the age of nineteen, I needed a replacement thermostat for my car, accordingly I rang the mechanic to find out how much it would cost. After fifteen minutes of discourse explaining that I would be required to purchase a radiator, and my rebuttal that I definitely did not need a new radiator as he himself had just replaced it, I hung up. I subsequently asked my dad to call and find out how much a thermostat would be, and he had an answer within thirty seconds. Considering that my dad had…

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