Gender Discrimination Against Asian Americans Essay

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In “Women Like Us,” Edwidge Danticat explains how in her Haitian culture women are not seen as writers. In “Workers,” Richard Rodriguez talks about his experience working as a construction worker and how having a manual job doesn’t mean people don’t have any education. In “Serving in Florida,” Barbara Ehrenreich talks about how people and herself are struggling to afford a decent living while having a low minimum job. In “Nicomachean Ethics,” Aristotle says how people want to be happy, and explains what sort actions lead to happiness. In “Notes on Class,” Paul Fussell talks about the three social classes that are in America. In “Do Spouses Matter? Discrimination, Social Support, and Psychological Distress Among Asian Americans,” David Rollock and Priscilla Lui say how discrimination against Asian Americans can cause psychological distress that can lead to chronic health conditions. In “The Social Contract,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau explains how legitimate is not found in nature, so it must be founded in agreements. Being categorized in a particular social class due to disadvantages is causing individuals to not have a life fulfilled of happiness.
Danticat says that her mother asked her how will she repay her back for everything she has done for her and the mother says “with scribbles on paper that are not worth the scratch of a pig’s snout” (181). Danticat ‘s mother does not seem to appreciate her daughter’s writing skills because she believes it is not worth anything. Her…

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