Gender Differences in TV - Malcolm in the Middle Essay

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Malcolm in the Middle Television holds an important part in most of our lives. From a young age, we spend countless hours sitting in front of a television set. Every year there are new shows created, and our favorite shows are renewed for another season. There are numerous programs to choose from. Television broadcasts are free, and there are also paid options for more diverse programming. We are fortunate enough to be able to spend on average a third of our leisure time watching television all from the comfort of our homes. Given the incredible reach that television has on our lives, we can say that television has a significant impact on our lives. Authors, Renzetti and Curran, claim that television is a profound socializing …show more content…
The boys accounted for eleven instances and Lois accounted for the other nine. For the boys, five of their eleven incidents were threats of physical force, and the other six were actual footage of fighting over something. In Lois’ case, six out of the nine times were threats, and the other three were use of physical force. Perhaps, the executives felt that it was acceptable to show boys physically fighting, but only marginally acceptable to depict a woman using physical force. The next claim I examined was in regards to men and women on the job. The authors claim that more men are shown in the workplace when compared to women. In the sample of episodes, there were twenty separate occurrences of a character shown at work, performing work-related activities, or mentioning their occupation. Five of the twenty instances, were women at work. The other fifteen times, they were men. I can say that for this sample, men are three times more likely to be shown at work or doing job related activities compared to women. However, there is an important detail that must be mentioned. Hal, the character that plays the father of the family, is shown having breakfast with his family before leaving for work and later is shown coming home from work. During the four episodes, he never mentions his job or does any job-related work. We assume that he spends his days at work, based on his professional attire, briefcase, and our

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