Gender Differences In My Family

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Each family is unique. Families can differ from other families in many ways; for example, the quantity of that household and their gender. Parents will raise their children distinctively, as well as treat each child differently, for various reasons. Children will grow up to have different responsibilities in their families. Those responsibilities get chosen for that specific child as they grow. One thing for sure is that parents will love their children unconditionally the same, but due to gender and age difference, sons and daughters will be treated differently. Women over power the Benitez-Facio household. I have two younger sisters and no brothers; you could say my dad is one lucky man. My sisters and I were taught to do work that is …show more content…
My friend, Araceli lives in a boy and girl household. She has a younger brother named Danny. Araceli 's responsibilities are the same as mine. The only difference she has noticed is the different treatment because of gender. Who needs to follow who is a better way to put it. Araceli’s mom wants Danny to follow his dad. Whenever Araceli’s dad goes anywhere or does anything, Araceli’s mom wants Danny to follow him. Araceli’s mom wants Danny to be involved with his dad, bond. Araceli has noticed that her mom does not tell her to go out with her dad, to do what he is doing. Danny is the son; he should be out with his dad, doing what men do. Araceli is the daughter, she should follow her mom and do what her mom does. Things like these, are also some differences. Boys and girls do get treated differently, either because of gender, or because of age. Expectations of what girls and boys should do, are not uncommon. As long ago, as the first man was walking on this earth, men and women had their expectations for each other. Now and until the end of time; there will be certain expectations for each child of each gender. Those responsibilities and expectations will differ because of culture. They are made on how their parents were raised too. It is link, like a chain, generation, to generation will keep on doing as they were taught by each other, to their children and so

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