Men Vs Women Research Paper

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Men and women are different in many aspects, wether it comes to society, the workforce, or even scientific fact. Due to these reasons, the ways in which both sexes live are different, but this isn’t to be looked at as discrimination against one or the other, but instead to be celebrated. These differences have been around for many years, developed, integrated, and adapted in to ways that suit the modern day. Men and women will always be different from one another as long as time goes on, this is inevitable. For this, people must accept the differences, live on with a new understanding, and celebrate the differences in the sexes that makes everyone unique.
“Our differences don’t mean one sex or the other is better or smarter or more deserving.
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Due to biological differences and personality differences, men and women do better in different jobs at different skill levels and difficulties. “Women are team players, men are strong negotiators, women accept more challenges, men are more confident”(Johnny Kilhefner, The Nest). Men are better suited for hands on, labor challenging, and physical jobs based on their traits over women. This is why men perform better in these labor intensive jobs like the military, the oil field, and building/construction jobs. Men also perform better in stress than women do. Women on the other hand are better in some more thought provoking jobs that are intellectually challenging. Have no fear though, even though these characteristics are seen to be better in different jobs for different sexes, this doesn’t mean that men and women can’t do each other’s jobs. Sometimes, workplaces encourage the opposite sex of their employees to work for them, as seen in the “Are You Man Enough?” poster by the Oregon Center for Nursing where the “feminine” nursing job encouraged men to pick up that profession. The article contained images of men who were in the nursing job, but highlighted their masculine qualities, like a snowboarding hobby, or even riding a motorcycle to show that they are still “manly.” Once these facts are accepted, we will be economically stronger and smarter. Think about it. If both sexes do the jobs they are smarter and more productive in, things will be accomplished more efficiently in the future. This is why it is so important for everyone to understand that these differences are not bad by any means, but are instead to be

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