The Father's Role In Raising A Child

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There are many different gender roles to raising a child, societies views on which parent should be doing what when it comes to raising a child is very typical. However, every child is different and every child has different needs, so the parents must adjust their parenting skills according to what is best for the child. To me, some of the roles of parenting is true, but then some is just stereotypical. Therefore, depending on the child will depend on what roles of the parent need to be adjusted. Fathers and mothers can play very different roles in a child’s life. The different aspects of gender roles varies when it comes to raising a child; there are the physical and emotional attributes, what is expected from the mother, and what is expected …show more content…
There are many children who are very close with their fathers. It is an important factor in a child’s life to have a father figure in their life. It is shown in studies that if a child’s father is affectionate, supportive, and involved, he can contribute greatly to the child’s cognitive, language, and social development, as well as academic achievement, a strong inner core resource, sense of well-being, good self-esteem, and authenticity (Gross 2016). When it comes down to it, a child needs their father, there are so many different aspects that can affect a child drastically. Therefore it is very important that the child’s father is very involved in a child’s life. Fathers are typically the ones who work, rather than staying at home with the children. Stay at home fathers in 2012 was at 16%, the percentage on stay at home fathers is clearly not as high as stay at home mothers but they have however increased in the past few decades (Livingston 2014). They will usually come home from work and then play with the children while the mother makes dinner and gets the house straightened up. Children usually tend to have more playful relationships with their fathers, being able to go outside and play ball with them and having a more active relationship with them. Fathers are supportive of things children want to do such as sports, and will get involved because it is something that interest them as well. For example if their son plays football then the father is going to want to go to every single game. As well as practice with him when he can. They have their playful side but when it comes down to it they are the ones to discipline the children, the mother will look at the father when the child is acting up because children listen to the father more so they have to be the parent to discipline the child. Whenever I was a child, I was always scared of my dad, not

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