Essay on Gender Differences Between Men And Women

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Since the beginning of Western Civilization there has always been a social difference between men and women. In many societies they believe women were emotional, couldn’t make logical decisions, needs to be taken care by their men, and only should take care of the children and the household chores. Men were capable of doing many things and were more open to do what they wish. As the world develop culture and views changed and adapted to fit the current time but one thing always stayed the same, gender differences, what is fit for a boy and for a girl.
Not only one can detect which is the boy section and girl section simply by the color of the clothing in the section, but also the formal wear expected of the gender. Girls’ clothes are colored in light colors, bright colors, such as pink, violet, yellow, light green and neon colors. Whereas boys for infants, toddler, preteen or teenager they wear darker colors, such as blue, red, green and black. Though now women are more than capable of taking care of the children and doing household chores, we are still supposed to look like a lady, to be “lady like,” so girls are expected to wear a dress or a skirt. You won’t find a suit in the girl section and the closes thing you’ll find is the uniform, a polo shirt and kakis, for elementary age group and up. In recognizing specific colors and certain clothing wear is what is appropriate a boy or girl should wear is also reinforcing our cultural conceptions of masculinity and femininity.…

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