The Cause Of Depression In Adolescents

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Depression consists of much more than feeling down. A person with depression can not “snap out it” or change their moods instantly. Depression is a real and serious mental illness that affects an estimated amount of 350 million people globally. It is normal for a person to occasionally feel down, but when those feelings remain for more than two weeks, it is likely a case of major depression disorder. A person suffering from depression struggle with negative feelings that are persistent and interfere with daily life activities. While depression can arise in a person due to a loss of a loved one or an illness, other factors such as gender, age and socioeconomic status are just as likely to be able to contribute to depression.
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Depression can start anywhere from early childhood and last until death. A handful of studies have examined the predictors of depressive symptoms in early childhood. Low socioeconomic status, poor health, and negative maternal and paternal influences on toddlers predict major depressive symptoms in young children (Bufferd et al., 2014). Other factors such as anxiety and physical abuse also contribute to depression in young children. Depression most often occurs or starts in the teens or early twenties. During this age frame, adolescences and young adults are forming his or her own identity separate from his or her parents. Wang & Kenny (2013) found that harsh parental discipline causes teens to experience emotional discomfort, which can lead to depression as the teen ages into adulthood. It is common for older adults to develop depression if he or she had the illness earlier in …show more content…
It is common to look the other way when you know someone who has depression. Talking about depression can be a difficult task, especially if you are the one suffering of depression. The thought of tackling depression can seem overwhelming. However, it is important to understand that being depressed does not define a person. Depression can arise in anybody. It does not discriminate against gender, age, or where a person lives. Having a strong support system can be a great asset to depression recovery. There are countless communities and groups that are supportive and are not scared of facing the reality of this illness. There is no definitive way to cure depression, since every case is specifically designed to an individual. However, new studies and treatments appear constantly to ultimately reduce the threat of

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