Stereotypes Of Muslim Women

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Stefani Chiarolanza
Professor Cook
27 October 2014

Classification Essay
Life is hard enough as it is and even harder with boobs. In today’s society, one of the most predominant prejudices is that against women. According to Vincent Parrillo, prejudice has been defined as “an attitudinal ‘system of negative beliefs, feelings, and action orientations regarding a certain group or groups of people’” (Colombo p.504). America says all men are created equal, however differences in people’s belief systems and cultural acceptance both play a role in this stereotyping. Women have faced a lot of discrimination whether it has been within their workplace, their athletic ability, or their religion. There is no reason to excommunicate somebody just
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In the Islamic culture, a woman’s role in society has often been looked at as negative. People seem to blame the way that women are treated on Islam, however, it is within the Muslim culture that they receive such negative treatment. Muslim women are seen to be living under the orders of their husbands and fathers. The women in this culture have been repressed for years. They do not have free will to marry who they want, work where they want, or receive an education as they want. A Muslim woman is looked at as the “housewife”. She is told to stay home, cook, clean, and care for the kids while the man is at work. Not only do the men look down upon the women of this culture, but also does the society. America may be known as the “melting pot”, where people from all different cultures and religions come together as one, but in actuality, Americans are some of the most judgmental people. Often times you will see a devout Muslim woman who practices hijab wearing a hijab, a head scarf, and loose-fitting clothes while in public or in the presence of men not in her immediate family. This is another example of the constrictions placed on them by men and shows that not everyone is the same. Dressing like so is different from America’s “social norm” causing many to discriminate against these women. Unfortunately, the women of the Islamic culture have received much mistreatment from both the men of …show more content…
The limits that have been put on women over the years have had a negative affect on women, decreasing their self-esteem, while men’s confidence has increased tremendously. Discrimination towards any individual causes them to become disheartened, losing motivation and the ability to work effectively. Although there are a few standout women who have fought for our rights, there are still females who believe they are inferior to those around

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