Gender Development And Gender Stereotypes Essays

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To understand gender development and or gender stereotypes you first need to know what gender is. Gender describes the characteristics of people as masculine or feminine. As human’s gender plays a role in everything we do and why we do it. From early on infants are dressed in their “perspective” colors. Blue for boys and pink for girls, I remember when my son was born the hospital staff placed a blue cap on his head and wrapped him in a blue blanket after they were done all their test and he was bathed. Prior to this class I just assumed that it was a quick and easy way to identify the sex of the baby and policy. Often time’s gender and sex are confused and misused, people tend to use both words interchangeably. In fact, sex is a biological determining whether you are a male or female. Little did I know when the hospital staff places blue items on my child they were actually gender identifying. Gender typing refers to the collection on traditional masculine and feminine roles. A study stated that sex-typed behavior increases with children of preschool age and if encouraged will continue to do so at age 8 (Golombok & others, 2008). Gender stereotypes can be defined as the general impression and or belief of male and female and the roles they should conform to. Along with the biological, and social aspects of gender development Piaget theory states that there are four cognitive developmental stages that children go through which also can be applied to the gender development of…

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