Essay on Gender Criticism : The Role Of Women

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Gender Criticism: The Role of Women in “Othello” William Shakespeare’s “Othello” is a play that can be analyzed through the theory of gender criticism. The play portrays women as possessions and property, rather than human beings. Shakespeare shows this gender role through each of the women characters: Bianca, Emilia and Desdemona. I would be most interested in reading “Othello” through the theory of gender criticism because it shows the obstacles women had to face during the Elizabethan era and how far women have come since then. Bianca is an important example of the role of women in “Othello”. She is a courtesan who is constantly mocked and considered unrespectable in society. For example, Cassio speaks of her foolish love for him, however, continues to express his infatuation to her. During his conversation with Othello, Cassio laughs at the thought of having a true relationship with Bianca. He replies, “I marry her? What! A customer! I prithee, bear some charity to my wit. Do not think it so unwholesome. Ha, ha, ha!” (94). This shows his disrespect toward her and proves that she was not considered worthy of love. He believes that he owns her and manipulates her by taunting her with the thought of marriage, however, never actually follows through. This way, he can keep his girlfriend and his wife. In addition, Cassio feels that he only has to treat her with respect when it will benefit him. He embellishes his love for her to keep her by his side when he desires her…

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