Essay on Gender, Class, And Social Stratification

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The overall idea of inequality lies within various forms such as racial, class, and social stratification. However, out of the many; gender and sexuality stratification is the central type that promotes an imbalance in the United States. Arguably, gender can be one of the first attributes that an individual may be evaluated, judged upon, or discriminated for. Subsequently, through this form of stratification, there are resource inequalities that prevail in the disproportional distribution of resources such as job opportunities and compensation. When discussing these resources, it is also crucial to talk about mechanisms such as overwork, intersection of gender and family, and cultural beliefs about the ideal worker promotes inequality on the basis of gender and sexuality. Essentially, in society, these various resources are distributed disproportionately where some may benefit more than others due to their gender or sexuality First, labor markets are one of the vital resources that individuals seek out. The question then becomes, is there truly inequality in the workplace due to gender differences? Although, most of the time, men and women are equal in the sense that they can equally perform and complete tasks in the same ways, there are also times when employers discriminate against individuals. For example, in Youngjoo Cha and Kim A. Weeden’s (2014) “Overwork and the Slow Convergence in the Gender Gap in Wages”, the authors research the rising work hours as well as…

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