Noah's Psychosocial Development Case Study

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Conclusion of Noah 's Psychosocial Development
Noah demonstrated a significant amount of psychosocial development that includes both prosocial and antisocial behaviors, interaction skills, and self concept. He showed some prosocial behaviors when he had the skills to reflect concern for others. During recess, when a little girl was sitting alone in the playground with a sad face, he walked up to her and asked if she was ok. She answered that her stomach was hurting and he replied by telling her to go see the nurse. He showed concern for her pain by suggesting her to go to the nurse as well as running to the teacher to let her know. Noah certainly showed that he is aware of others ' feelings. He expressed concern and empathy. He also formed
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These improvements can be linked to his advances in his psychological ability. He certainly demonstrated physical development when he was running around the playground, chasing other kids, and climbing monkey bars. Large muscle strength and coordination were present. With the help of his psychosocial development, he was able to incorporate movements and actions through interaction and encouragement. This explains that his psychosocial development affects his motor development. Language development is also affects his psychosocial development. For instance, without being able to use and understand language, he would not able to interact with others, understand how others feel, or think by expanding his vocabulary. In this case, he could interact with others and understand himself, which is an assessment he could make using his language skills. Overall, Noah has shown that he is on the right track in developing his psychosocial behavior. He demonstrated understanding of his gender, improved his social interactions with others like showing empathy, and understood that the self is not just defined by gender, but also with physical and psychosocial

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