Islamic Women Equality

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There are many challenges in Islam, however one that is distinct is that of women equality. Not only do we have inequality in America, but there are also inequality in religions. Islam has had many defining moments in the way they treat women. First we will begin with what is Islam, what do they believe, and then how it affects women and changes that are being made to make women equal.

Islam means surrender or submission wholehearted surrender to God (Molloy, 2010). A muslim in turn submits to God or Allah, which in the Qur’an means “the God”. They follow the Qur’an and have several rituals or Pillars that they follow. They have the “Five Pillars of Islam” which are Creed, Prayer, Charity, Fasting, and Pilgrimage (Molloy, 2010).

The Creed is where they state that “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger” (Molloy, 2010). They have prayer in which they do
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The major issue it seems is not that there is a fear of women becoming strong, it is that they will become so independent that they will not need men at all. There is also issues with the family structure, and without a man and a woman it can become a catastrophe as we see in the western world. There has been changes in Islam to make the woman feel more important, and as the world continues to evolve as will the woman 's place in Islam.


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