Essay on Gender, Caste System, Glass Ceiling, And Gender

1512 Words Mar 23rd, 2015 null Page
As a huge fan of Game of Thrones, a lot of what was discussed in lecture and in discussions class reminded me of the book the show. The show reminded of the patriarchy, caste system, glass ceiling, and Gender. There were many other topics I could have also discussed about in my essay, but I felt that these four listed had more meaning than the others. I always felt that gender meant as in the sex you were born as and also with what you as a person would prefer to consider yourself as. An example of this that I have seen in Game of Thrones was was when one of the main characters named Arya Stark. She was known as the youngest daughter of the Stark family, who acted more like a boy than a girl, she never wanted to dress girly or act proper like her older sister, she wanted to play with swords and fight like her brothers. After her father was publicly executed for being a traitor, by the late king 's son King Joffrey; and Arya sister having to be forced into marriage with him, Arya had to escape from King 's Landing (where her father died) and return back to Winterfell where her family is really from. Having to escape, she had to change her gender to a male so the knights wouldn 't execute her either since she is the daughter of a traitor. I felt that this scene was easy for Arya to do since she always considered to be more a male character and having to finally create that for herself, she left more powerful since she could “fight” without others looking down upon a…

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