Gender, By Debra Rosenberg Essay

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In her May 21, 2007, article, “(Rethinking) Gender” from Newsweek, Debra Rosenberg informs, and subtly persuades that the definition of gender, specifically stereotypical categories should be reevaluated. In the beginning of the article Rosenberg tells the story of the NASCAR driver, J. T. Hayes, who suffered a race car accident then decided to change his name and become Terri O’Connell. She said that she changed her ways that she had always felt like a woman and that this has been an ongoing struggle. From her accident she feared that her life was not at its fullest potential and that is her reasoning for becoming a female. Since the transition she could no longer continue her racing career because of society’s current understanding of transgender people. The author tells this story to evoke deeper thoughts from the reader and to remind the reader that activities and sports are known to be stereotypical towards gender. She then mentions that the United States Representatives, “… Created and passed a hate-crimes prevention bill that included identity”(482). Rosenberg then asks the following question, “What is gender anyway?” (482). She asked this question in order to evoke deeper thoughts from the reader. Rosenberg continues and states that gender is more than the anatomy that creates humans male or female, that it is something more complex. As Rosenberg argues this, she references history and how men and women were stereotypically perceived to be. She describes that…

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