Gender And The Gender System Essay

795 Words Oct 19th, 2016 4 Pages
The moment babies are born, is the instant which they are exposed to the binary gender system that rules today’s contemporary society. There are set expectations and attributes given to each gender (female and male) that are being practiced on a daily basis, which leaves no flexible space for the gender system to include other people who define themselves other than the two dominant genders. When people are not perfectly placed in one gender or the other, then as Judith Lorber stated, “we feel socially dislocated” and become uncomfortable unable to identify someone correctly (Lorber 14). Betsy Lucal struggled with society’s inability to label her as she saw herself and instead placed her in a category as they perceived her to be. Both Lorber and Lucal’s evaluation and criticism of the binary gender system highlight the limitations to female and male, and the problems within the system of men having advantages and superiorities that do not extend to women. Gender is much assimilated into our everyday lives that it’s almost invisible and subconsciously done, especially through “doing gender” in which people perform the gender they are trying to portray. People are dependent on organization in their lives and the social institution of the dichotomous system helps place labels to make everything clear. The problem with “doing gender” is when a person chooses to portray their identity and it does not correlate with their sex, society becomes confused and blames them for their…

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