Essay about Gender And Social Movements Of The Classroom

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Genders in the Classroom With social movements such as feminism on the rise, many topics of discussion have come about in terms of participation in the classroom and conversation. Do men or women tend to participate more? What are factors that may affect that? Are either gender feeling suppressed in that they feel they cannot speak up? Which gender tends to give the overall impression that they want to be in class? Classroom participation at St. Croix based on gender varies depending on discussion topics and other factors shown through studies done by Harvard and other observations. A study done at Harvard showed that men are more dominate when it comes to classroom discussion. The discussion would be almost exclusively male when both the teacher was male and the class was predominantly male (Krupnick). As this is usually the standard of most classrooms, it makes sense that mainly male participation would most often be the case (Krupnick). Women, on the other hand, showed much more participation when taught by instructors of the same gender (Krupnick). The popular opinion on why men tend to dominate the classroom is because they have a more “competition-based” discussion style while women tend to have a “rotating” style, where they subconsciously give everyone a chance and take turns (Aries). Overall, men most definitely participated more in group discussion than females. In a study of the same principal done by the author of this paper, participation among the…

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