Essay Gender And Social Construction Of Gender

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The topic of gender and how it affects our society has been one of the most studied sociological concepts. Many sociologists argue that the issue of gender is a socially constructed one, meaning that gender difference is as a result of socialisation which subsequently shapes the way we construct our identity, socialise our children and allocate roles in our communities and families. Social construction of gender explains how and why society and culture’s create gender roles. How these roles are then viewed as normal and appropriate behaviour? According to Allard, Cooper, Hildebrand, & Wealands the construction of gender identities is not fixed but ongoing, fluid and changeable, they argue we “are not passively shaped by the larger societal forces such as schools or the media, but are active in selecting, adapting and rejecting the dimensions we choose to incorporate, or not, into our version of gender”. This essay aims to explain how gender is constructed, validated and legitimated in today’s society especially as some sociologists argue that there is no intrinsic truth to gender; as it’s essentially built by social expectations and performance of gender.
Baumann defines gender relations as “the ways in which a culture or society defines rights, responsibilities, and the identities of men and women in relation to one another” (Bravo-Baumann, 2000). Gender roles change often, as a result of social, economic and technological trends over the years. Categorising males and…

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