Gender And Social Connectedness Are Affected By Environmental And Parental Influences

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Differences in gender aggression and social connectedness are affected by environmental and parental influences. The culture that shapes us often has negative effects on those who’s gender identity don’t fit into its’ parameters. Even for those who do fit the stereotypes created by groupthink, biological differences can be harmful to both men and women. We are all born with the genetic makeup to make us the way we are, but humanistic psychology pushes that people also have the ability to become better and to reach out maximum potential. When put in the context of gender it means people can overcome offensive connotations and slurs that hold them back mentally as well as changing themselves to reflect what they feel they should be.
Gender ID Whenever someone says ‘man up’ or ‘you throw like a girl’ it is safe to say that groupthink has taken over, and they probably don’t know how offensive those sayings are. For people who don’t know what gender they are, who have the “wrong” genitalia for their gender, or for females, sayings like these can be devastating and demoralizing to hear from a friend or loved one. Not everyone is born with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and for an unlucky few these birth defects must seem like a small imposition. Those who are born intersex have altered combinations of male and female physical features. Genetic males can be born with ‘normal’ hormones and testicles, but without a penis or with a smaller one (David Myers, 2014). For these people, the…

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