Gender And Sex : Double Standards Within Society Essay

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Gender and Sex: Double Standards within Society

Double standards and sex are very controversial topics, because there are many different definitions for what constitutes as sex. There are also various conflicting opinions on what the meaning of abstinence, being a virgin and intercourse is. This paper examines if there is a double standard when it comes to gender and sex as well as the effects of the double standard on society. It also looks at the definition of sex and reasons for having a personal definition.
For this paper, I interviewed two college aged females and two college aged males. Everyone I interviewed agreed that there was a double standard when it comes to gender and sex and there was a difference in what each of them discussed. While the girls focused more on the difficulty of remaining pure, the guys expressed the difficulty of being expected to get laid. While women just dress more provocatively to have a sexual encounter, me have to actively try to obtain a sexual partner.
The interviewees all agreed that there was a double standard there and a difference between men and women on whether the person let the double standard affect the way they behaved. The men that I interviewed admitted that they behaved differently due to this double standard. In fact, one of the men discussed how he played the dating game differently being more of the nice guy compared to being able to dress slutty and easily be able to hook up with someone.
The women that I…

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