Gender And Racial Inequality By Christina Hoag Essay

1203 Words Sep 7th, 2016 5 Pages
Gender and racial inequality is the disease that keeps a stronghold on society’s attempt to move towards equal rights. This problem is strongly demonstrated in American Cinema. Christina Hoag (2016) states in her article, Diversity in Hollywood, “White males still dominate virtually all aspects of [the film industry].” Recent events have led to the discovery of unfair wages between male and female actors to racism in today’s award shows. In years prior, laws had to be placed in order for women and non-whites to have rights in America. The film industry solely relies on backlash and the hope that the film community does their part to help aid this blatant societal issue.
Entertainment is an extremely problematic industry. While they deliver many distractions from reality through movies and television shows, they are conquered by white males. The article, Diversity in Hollywood by Christina Hoag, perfectly sums up the discrimination within the world. In today’s society, this can be seen on multiple facets, from ordinary workplaces to political parties. However, film eerily mirrors this ever growing problem through poor representation of minorities, in front of the camera and behind. After years of discrimination this issue finally found its way to the spotlight in 2016, with The Academy Awards as its surrogate. When the nominations were published and it was seen to have nominated only whites in the actor categories for the second consecutive year, an uproar sparked. This led…

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