Essay about Gender And Power Of English Literature

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Gender and power are two topics that can be discussed through may of the text from early English Literature. English Literature has had a huge impact on literature today, and continues to be a growing genre. English Literature is the most notable kind of writing to this day, but what has actually become of English Literature as it progressed. Old English is the oldest English Literature, and this included many iconic text like “Beowulf” which is an epic text which is about power and masculinity. So how far can you go to find a huge gender difference in English Literature. Well as you may know it in the 1500s we see a powerful woman rise as a leader to many, her name is Elizabeth I. Elizabeth I the first was living during the English Renaissance era of Literature, so given the power she held there was a major presence of women in English Literature beginning to happen. The question that can never be answered with a yes “Are women equal to men?” So what happens when the question is assessed, given both “Beowulf” and the “Elizabeth I” text what can be differed from both whom share such a power physically or mentally? Beowulf was a strong and powerful man but he was too confident, but at any given moment if Beowulf didn’t win any battle he would be perceived as weak. This is why Beowulf, when faced with all of the antagonist in the “Beowulf” text, he requires himself to defeat them so he can boast about it to everyone to show his mighty power as he states "Nor have I seen a…

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