Gender And Politics Mad Max : Fury Road Essay

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Gender and Politics in Mad Max: Fury Road
Silke Groeneweg
Student Number: 3070107 A film like Mad Max: Fury Road, like any blockbuster, is meant to excite, entertain and elicit emotions. The most recent instalment in the Mad Max franchise does all that and more. Taking place in a desert wasteland caused by nuclear war, Mad Max: Fury Road examines power that individuals have and the role gender has in determining power. This examination of power and gender can extend to examining the greater society where men and women deal with gender roles and where they face to either overcome predetermined social stereotypes, fight to uphold them or are forced to conform.
The film begins when Max is abducted by a party of “war boys” who take him back to the Citadel. The Citadel, as we find out, is run by Immortan Joe. Immortan Joe is the absolute ruler of the Citadel and controls all the resources in the area. By controlling the valued natural resources, such as water and gasoline, he controls the actions of all those around them. His control over the distribution of water to the people who live near the Citadel. As the area under Immortan Joe’s control is further examined it is clear that a patriarchal is the dominant political ideology. A patriarchy being a social and political system where men hold primary power as it pertains to every aspect of life including political leadership, social privilege and the control of property. The way he excersices his control is very…

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