Gender And Non Gendering Conforming People Essay example

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In the US there is a startling 41% of transgender and non-gendering conforming people that have attempted suicide compared to 1.6% of the general population (Grant, Mottet, and Tanis, 2015, p. 2). This is the outcome of many not having the ability to look at things from a sociological perspective. The sociological perspective deals with the notion that we should view things from a different angle and look at things as a whole. The inability for people to do as such results in many transgender people going into depression, using illegal drugs, and the attempt of suicide. Many transgender people experience getting harassed and bullied in various different settings; such as at school, work, and even by police officers. As a result of getting bullied so much many transgender people become extremely depressed. In an article written by Susan Scutti, she mentions how out of 1,093 transgender people 44.1 percent expressed signs of clinical depression, and 33.2 percent expressed having anxiety (2013). Transgender people that receive a lot of rejection are said to be “nearly six times as likely to have high levels of depression,” compared to those that receive none or very little parental rejection (Scutti, 2013). Being rejected has to deal with the fact that family members and friends either interact with transgenders in a negative way or by not interacting at all. This has a lot to do with the symbolic interactionist theory; where the belief is that in order to maintain…

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