Gender And Male And Female Essay

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The dominant idea is that there are two genders, male and female, which are based on the biological notion of sex. It is important to make a distinction between sex and gender. Sex ‘refers to the biological differences between male and female’ and is defined ‘in terms of chromosomes, gonads and genital’ (Oakley cited in Delphy 1993: 2). Gender however is about psychological attributes and behaviours that are developed as a result of what society expects of us as males and females and is based on the ideas of masculinity and femininity (Hubbard 1996: 157). Hence, it can be concluded that sex is something we are born with and it is hence, purely biological and on the other hand, gender is something we ourselves construct as we grow up from our society’s ideas and understandings of gender and sex and the roles that come with them. The idea of two biological and natural sexes often leads to conclusion that therefore, there must be only two genders. However, this essay will argue that this is not the case and there are people who fit better to a concept of third gender.
Hubbard (1996: 157) points out that usually ‘the concepts of sex and gender are overlapping and blurred’. People tend to think biologically female is always only a female and biologically male is always fully a male, with the unquestioned assumption that sex and gender are the same thing. Many people grow up and often live their whole lives with this binary view and never feel the need to think about it further.…

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