Gender And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Gender Imbedded in Our Education For ages, gender has been something policed by society, and it is something that everyone has come across. Gender is assigned based on one’s sex, there are people who identify with their assigned gender, and there are people who challenge that ideal and choose their own identity. In this essay I will explain and give examples of how gender is constructed by society, how gender is constantly significant in people’s lives, how one learns gender, and the lessons that can be learned from studying gender across cultures. For centuries, gender has been something we have used to build our entire lives around, at home, at school, even our job places. Gender is a term designed to separate female and male based on performed behaviors, thoughts, looks and sexuality. This non-tangible idea is present in our society. Our assigned gender determines one’s ideal space, appearance, contribution to society, jobs, and social role.
However, gender is imbedded in us through how we are educated at home and at school. Infect the initiation for gender begins with a mother’s baby shower months before the baby is even born. This social gathering to welcome a baby into the world is built on a specific color that represents the sex, if it is a male ideal gender color is blue, if it is a female the assigned gender color is pink. Furthermore, the name is key in identifying the baby’s gender, in some cultures the name of a child determines their role in society for…

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