Essay about Gender And Its Impact On Society

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Within western culture, gender is assigned by means of sex assessment which dictates everything they should and should not do. Gendered interaction is enforced starting from birth—messages of gender and its expectations guide children as they grow, drawing influences from the media, religion, and community. Failure to follow the expectations of an assigned designation can result in children forced to play with toys and engage in occupations that they do not enjoy to avoid social ridicule and neglect. Some believe that gender is innate while others encourage reformation of gender in hope of a more accepting society. Despite the insistence of the necessity of gender roles for an efficiently run society, traditional gender roles are dangerous and hinders the growth and communication of all people.
Attempting to fit in at school was like trying to swim without knowing how to stay afloat. Before attending public school, I did not experiment with makeup, take part in salon days, wear dresses, or play with fancy princess dolls. As a young child, I would beg for everything pinned up as ‘the opposite’: replica planes, plastic ships, military toys, and nerf guns to name a few. Though such kind of behavior was not particularly encouraged by my parents, they did want me to be happy, so playing with ‘boy toys’ was what I did. Before placed in elementary, I was able to play with and do any activities that made me happy without feeling neglected— but after finally admitted and attending…

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