Essay about Gender And How Gender Is Developed

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In this paper I am going to describe the both how individuals “doing gender” and how gender is developed. Historical and contemporary examples will be used to help explain various concepts related to gender. Changes over time, the mechanism involved in development, the formulation of scripts, and their application in a college contexts will all be elaborated on.
The phrase “Doing gender” describes the dynamics of gender as a performance in which everyone takes on roles, characteristics, and identities associated with male or female. At its core, this claims that gender is something done, a set of actions rather than something innate to any given individual. One is a man or a woman because they do manly or womanly things. These associations are also linked to expected mindsets and physical appearances, all of which are necessary for the performance of one’s gender.
One way doing gender has manifested throughout history is in the psychological community, where doing the female gender meant not participating in scholarly practices. When these performances are disrupted, some actors will seek to deny changes in gender roles. One example of this was Mary Calkins. She was an outstanding student of psychology and sought to achieve a Ph.D from Harvard. However, Calkins was denied a PhD by Harvard, not due to scholarly incompetence, but because she was not conforming to her expected gender performance (Crawford, 2006). This was an attempt to uphold conservatism, maintaining…

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