Gender And Gender Roles: Pigs Can T Fly

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Register to read the introduction… Play is used in all societies to enhance the socialization process, for it is in play that children learn to imitate their elders and thereby entrench themselves more firmly into the social system. Therefore, the children, in playing bride bride, are actually learning and conforming to the gender roles of men and women in their society. However, at the same time, they have also unconsciously adapted and redefined the roles to their own convenience, which is an indicator of how fluid gender can be. Arjie, being the leader of the girls, has the privilege to take on the most desired role of the bride even though he is a boy. The bit part of the groom is given to Sonali, his younger sister. Meena, it is noted, though a female is allowed to play with the boys and in fact assumes a leadership position. Therefore, Arjie is actually not the only one in the story who is transgressing conventional gender denomination, and the children do not see anything inherently wrong in all the roles they have assumed. It is the adults, who, indoctrinated with a more rigid set of beliefs about gender that put their stamp of disapproval on all the proceedings and proclaims that Arjie …show more content…
The two camps of children separate themselves into different territories, choosing to ignore the other as they know they have different ideologies and that contact will likely bring conflict. Different qualities bring admiration from each camp, and Arjie recognizes instinctively that his capacity for fantasy and active imagination will not bring him acceptance in the boys' camp, and hence, gravitates towards the girls' camp where he naturally enjoys himself more and is recognized for his abilities and made leader. His leadership is soon challenged by Her Fatness. She first tries to win the girls over by showing them her dolls, but that having failed proceeds to get rid of her competitor by appealing to her mother, a higher power in the hierarchy of the children's

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