Essay on Gender And Gender Pay Gap

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Gender Pay Gap

Historically gender pay discrimination has been more prevalent in our working world, as women have been seen to be inferior to men especially in the work place, hence the believes that women should get less for work done regardless of how much of the work they have done compared to the men as the role of the man is in a work place while the woman’s primary role is to build the home. This believe though not scientifically proven, but rather a human believe that women are less capable of delivering on work than men, hence believes that men deserve better pay than women. The existence of this believe then brought about the need to better understand the factors that are causing the discrimination against women in the work place with regards pay equality. In the UK it is generally women on average earns about 20p less for every 1 pound earn earned by men according to the EHRC. Recent research show that women are most likely to leave work completely after the birth of a baby. In this essay we will be looking at various factors and mitigations that affecting gender pay gap and the solutions being proffers at resolving it.

Gender role orientation is defined as the beliefs that individuals hold about the proper roles for men and women at work and at home (Judge and Livingstone, 2008). As I said in my opening remarks that tradition expect the man in the work place and are expected to develop their career within the workplace with support from the…

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