Gender And Gender As Representation Of Male And Female Essay

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What do you think of gender in general? How did we come about gender and how did we come to use gender as representation of male/female?

What do you think of gender in general?
When I think of gender, the first thing I can think of is the division between male and female. Yes, there is a physical definition but there is also a social division. Man has the role of being the head of the house and makes sure his family gets fed and has a roof over their head. Man is seen as a dominant. But when we look at a women’s role, women is the one that has to take care of the kids and the house duties. “A few historians had begun to use the term "gender history" in addition to "women 's history," and a handful had looked at men and masculinity as part of a gender history that did not focus solely on women”. (Meyerowitz, 2008). When a discussion would occurs about gender, men are the main ones that are tallied about. If we look back in history, we can see that readings talk about actions that men have done. We don’t necessarily hear about women movements in history. If we ever hear about women in history, it is very minimal with not a lot of information behind it. “Influenced by the women 's movement, American feminists appropriated the word "gender" in the 1970s and transformed its meaning. Like others before them, feminist social scientists used "gender" to reject the notion that the perceived sex differences in behavior, temperament, and intellect were simply natural or innate, but…

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