Gender And Gender As A Social Construct Essay

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Essay 2: It’s all Socially Constructed
Gender as a Social Construct Understanding the difference between sex and gender is essential for determining how society constructs the idea of gender. Sex is the biological differences that separate males from females (Conley 2015). This includes all innate differences between the sexes including chromosomal differences, and differences in reproductive organs. Everything concrete between males and females is attributed to sex. On the other hand, gender includes the social behaviors and arrangements that are built around each sex category (Conley, 2015). In other words, gender is only a social position, such that women act different than men do allowing them to live in different orbs of society. Gender is a way in which people socialize themselves to fit inside societal molds, they act the way people expect them to do based on their biological sex. Simply put, sex is the way that biology differentiates people, while gender is the way that people behave so that society classifies them as a certain sex. By delving deeper into a person 's motivations for acting a certain way, it becomes clear that gender is indeed a social construct. From the time a fetus is identified as biologically male or female, socialization of gender begins to occur. Girls rooms are painted pink, boys rooms are painted blue, parents choose a girl name for the new baby, or a boy name. None of these examples have any biological advantages. They are all socially…

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