Gender And Gender : A Psychological Perspective Essay

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In the United States when a baby is born it is assigned a sex based on the genitalia seen and the chromosomes present in the baby. The baby, seen as either male or female, is then treated as such: molded with stereotypically male or female characteristics. However, more than 3 babies of every 500 born will identify with the gender opposite to which they are assigned at birth, society defines these people as transgender individuals.
From a neurological perspective transgender people experience significant trauma just from being assigned the wrong gender at birth: bullying, anxiety, depression. However, although this dysphoria is a direct result of the doctor’s’ actions, our current society treats the gender binary as increasingly necessary and concrete in nature. Thus far in class, we have talked about those who are intersex or transgender, and this topic draws many parallels with the issues and injustices their communities face. I believe that in such a “civilized” society like our own, we should be able to not only understand these problems, but solve them as well.
Gender is a complex topic in and of itself. When defining it there are two parts, gender identity and gender expression. Gender identity is the gender in which one identifies with, or chooses for themself based on their own characteristics. Gender expression is how the same person chooses to represent themself in terms of everything they do: clothing, hair, etc.
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