Gender Pay Gap In Pay

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In April of this year, five members of the United States Women’s National Soccer team with the help of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed an discriminatory action against the U. S Soccer Federation (Martinez, 2016). Even though the women’s team has bought in a profit of around 20 million dollars, they are being paid very poorly compared to the men in the Federation. They are being paid about a fourth of the amount the men make; this even forced some of these world champion soccer players to get a second job in order to make ends meet. As outlandish as this confrontation sounds, this is just one example of the sad reality that women all over the U.S. face daily. Women are being paid less for doing the exact same job. We identify this problem as the Gender Wage Gap. The gender pay gap analyzes the earning differences between women and men in paid employment. According to PayScale Incorporated (2016) in the United States women earn 25.6% less than men, that’s 74 cents for every dollar a man makes. This statistic does not take into consideration how the wage gap plays out for women with different educational backgrounds, job …show more content…
These roles influence us when choosing an occupation; experts refer to this as sexual occupational segregation. Women often choose jobs such as a midwife, nurse, cosmetologist, or teacher. On the other hand, men choose to work in science, technology, business, or law. Many use this as an example to disprove the Gender Wage Gap saying that women choose less financially successful career. The fact is men dominate the high paying trades and it is very difficult for a woman to be successful in an environment that is sexual biased. The chart below found in an article The Simple Truth by the American Association of University Women gives us a glimpse of the percentage women are paid compared to men in specific

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