Gender Issues In The Boy Next Door

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In our current times many prejudices against any abnormalities to the “two” genders are very controversial. As we have seen many people have been arguing about the Transgenders’ rights to their own self identification. I am impartial about the subject, but I do understand where both sides are coming from. This weeks reading has shown us the side of American culture where doctors at birth fix any genital abnormalities to the child to match what gender they may be. This is controversial because it potentially is a mistake as the minds are not developed and their sense of self may have been consistent with their gender “abnormalities,” many parents are pushed by the Doctor to treat and force upon their child to act in ways they wanted the gender to be. In the movie “The Boy Next Door” an odd movie but it can be used. The parents forced the son to dress up as a girl and act as if he was a girl because the parents felt the need to make him act that way. In fact it caused him …show more content…
THe law dictates that a person must use a restroom that is in relation to the gender at birth. Transgenders are in a state of confusion when approaching a restroom because when they truly believe they are a female with male parts, using the men’s room feels like harassment, and visa versa. The problem is when a man enters a ladies restroom it brings with it a sense of sexual predatory potential. This is a hard place to find the right balance. The best situation is to have a one room bathroom similar to family restrooms, that allow for any person, no matter their gender, can use without fear of feeling oppressed. Overall, gender roles are ever-changing in our own culture and I am not sure that the changes are always positive and it is incumbent on society as a whole to determine the trajectory of the changes within the rule of law in order for society to thrive without serious

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