Gen Ed 105 Essay

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Skills Ranking
Top Five Bottom Five 1. Time Management 1. Understanding Technology 2. Setting Priorities 2. Research Skills 3. Stress Management 3. Reading Comprehension 4. Financial Management 4. Math 5. Communication 5. Proper etiquette

*How can your top five ranking skills help you in the classroom environment? I think that all five of my skill ranking or goals. I see several of these as goals. Goals are something that you set for yourself and master. First time management is critical in my life as a mother of four, wife, and full time student. Learning how to juggle everything I need as well as what they need can definitely be a challenge sometimes. Learning how to time manage will be
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And last but not least is Communication, this is also a huge part of my current everyday life and I know that it is essential to all the above skills. I know that communication between professors and students will help make the college experience a lot more beneficial. Communicating with fellow students can help with the understanding of assignments and material. All five of these skills fit together to help me on my journey to achieving my desired goals.

*What are the consequences of not mastering these top five skills? I can sum this question up with one word craziness! Being able master all the above lists skills will enable me to be successful. Not mastering time management will mean that I will never know what I am doing and when. This will lead to none of my priorities being met and mean that I am completely stressed out. I can assure you that if I am stressed out none of my family will like me or care to be around me. I am a very organized person and if I am not I find myself going in twenty different directions.

*Why did you rank the bottom five skills the way you did? In my situation my top five are the most important to me in order to become a great student. Although understanding technology is also important if my time is not well managed it will not matter as I will not find time to learn. Same goes

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