Geek Squad Essay

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Cluster 1

VIDEO CASE 3: Geek Squad: A New Business for a New Environment

Question A: Describe how technology has changed in the past five years. Over the past few years technology has changed and had significant impact on the way we live. Almost everyone has a smart phone, regardless of age or social status. We text and email instead of talk, because it faster and convenient. We can rent movies with a click of the button and stream it to our device or home. Everything is based on internet and although prices aren’t cheap, everyone can afford something that suits their budget. I have also noticed that our textbook uses bar scan, assuming that everyone has a smart phone to retrieve it. Tablets, which are like mini
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They had answers to all of my questions and delivered better customer service than Best Buy ever did. I’m assuming that they were more informed, since they were not just sales people, but really trained and passionate in technology.

Question 1: As stated in the textbook. Be sure to fully explain your answer.

When Geek Squad got invented by Stephens, there was no business like it. He had no competitors, so it was very easy for him succeed in this filed. He noticed that there are new electronic products coming constantly to the market and not everyone is able to keep up with it. He knew there are people out there that will need help with their fancy new TVs, computers and phones. He also was aware of that this electronic market is constantly growing, so he’s idea and services will always be on demand.

Question 2: As stated in the textbook. Be sure to answer in detail both part (a) all consumers and (b) women.

a) When the new models of electronics started to come out, many of the consumers were frustrated on how to assemble parts and devices together and on how to use it. Not every employee at Best Buy was able to explain and guide on how to do so either. People eventually were demanding of that kind of service, which actually decreased the returns of their products.

b) Women now are more into technology and its inventions, so they like to be informed and educated about the products and their functions. After purchases

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