Geek Squad Marketing Case Study Essay

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Geek Squad is a subsidiary of best buy company that provides technical supports services to residential and business around the world. They are the first company who provides national 24-hour technical supports service via remote access on Internet. Their unique business style and market strategy keep the business growing rapidly. By the SWOT analysis, it seems Geek Squad is in a very good business shape, they should keep it up with more improvement on their service quality and try to expend the company at the same time. By the analysis of Canadian market segmentations, Geek Squad should focus marketing on their two primary target Baby Boomers and the Generation X. At the same time they will need to keep an eye on their secondary target …show more content…
They can’t watch any TV program without getting a Cable or digital satellite. Customer who has the old function TV must buy a new TV that with Cable or satellite connection function build in. All the TVs on today’s market are those LCD, Plasma TVs, they are very good TVs but they are also very complicated to set up, not many consumers would be able to figure out how to properly set up them. With the increase of customer of this new TVs, Geek Squad will also have a lot more clients who will need their service to set up the TV system, sound system, and cable system. Geek Squad can capitalize this opportunity by focus on their home entertainment install service in this year to provide their customer the best services. Not only they will have a lot more Canadian costumers, at same time this customers will become a returned customer by a very high chance.
Over the last year or so, the Canadian GDP, increased from 1,600,840 million in the 1st quarter in 2010, to 1,696,724 million in the 1st quarter in 2011 which is 6.0% annual rates change. Under the services expenditure sector, it increased from 521,028 million in 2010 to 547,864 million in 2011 which is 5.6% annual rates change. This is a very good trend in Canadian economic and consumer income growth. It will result in consumers purchasing more electronic product for their daily life and entertainment. This is definitely an

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