Gays Should Be Legal For The Military Essay

1164 Words Mar 11th, 2016 5 Pages
Allowing LGBT to serve in the military
From race, gender, to sexual orientation, discrimination still is in the United States. There are still debates about gays in the military, whether should they be able to serve openly or not. Also should there be laws in place where gays are protected from discrimination and harm while serving in the military. Throughout history gays have been discriminated against since as early as 1941. People apart of the LGBT community should be able to serve in the military and there should be laws that protect them from harm and discrimination while they are serving our country. This topic is not really talked about as much as other subjects. “Gays in the United States military have faced many obstacles, from persecution and harassment to outright expulsion”,(“Gays in the military”). There are many stories about the unfair treatment the LGBT community endures but are not published. Some of these are not made public because it would make the government look bad. “The U.S. military did not explicitly ban homosexuals from serving as soldiers until 1941. In that year Army and Navy changed their guidelines to classify homosexuality as a “disqualifying condition” for anyone seeking military service”, (“Gays in military”). Soon after, these guidelines were passed any homosexual soldier was fired and were not allowed to reap the benefits of being in the military. Although this is unfair, the ban of homosexuals in the military was not changed until…

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