Essay about Gayl Jones ' The Novel ' Corregidora '

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Is it important for all to embrace their family history? Is it possible to embrace the past to an extreme degree? Gayl Jones ' novel, Corregidora (1974), is told in the perspective of Ursa Corregidora. Ursa is trained by her great grandmother,grandmother, and mother to live a life that advocates the evils committed by Simon Corregidora. Ursa fears being oppressed like her ancestors, so her actions in the novel are based upon what she has hear since the age of five. Ursa 's family history makes Ursa who she is. The graphic nature of the stories has created mental baggage and has altered Ursa 's perspective of certain characters. The people that Ursa encounters parallel to her families past and her interactions are influenced by the stories she has been told. “Consequence of what? Shit, we 're all consequences of something. Stained with another past as well as our own. Their past in my blood” (Jones 45). Gayl Jones accurately describes the protagonist 's internal conflict through a quote from Ursa while she was staying at Cat 's home. Although Ursa lives in a very different time period, the character 's life choices appear to be influenced by her Corregidora ancestors. The men and women that Ursa meets, as well as her blues singing are shaped around her precaution of not living a similar oppressed life as her family. Ursa 's personality seems very guarded, likely a result of her inability to distinguish the people she meets and Simon Corregidora. Ursa embracing her…

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