Gay Rights And Same Sex Marriage Essay

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There are several people who do not or who do accept gays into their community. Gay rights are and will always be a debatable issue among religion. According to Brittney B. Bramlett who has a Ph.D. in political science, graduated for the University of Maryland in College Park projects that religious beliefs, closes relationships or no relationships with homosexuals are the result on how they accept, support or judge them. In other words, someone who has a close relationship with a homosexual views them differently or not at all (Bramlett 13). She proves, “Most religious traditions preach against homosexuality, suggesting that people do not hear fully supportive messages concerning gay couples from leaders and church members” (Bramlett 16). Bramlett also confirms that anyone who practices religious traditions influence the opinion on same sex marriage and if they have close friendship with a homosexuals they are most likely to neglect that opinion. In small words, a few religious people with gay friends and nonreligious people will fully support gay rights. While the other half with be in the middle or not supportive at all (19). In my personal experience, I’m catholic and I have a lesbian friend name Pamela. Well, my parents did not accept her so, when she would come over, my parents would not tell me anything until she would leave. Since my parents did not have a close relationship with Pamela, they did not accept her because she was a lesbian but since I did. I not only…

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