Gay Parenting

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Many people say that gay parenting affects children negatively as well as being an unnatural parenting model and family model, therefore it will come to hurt the world. These opposing arguers strongly believe that children will become gay as an effect of having gay parents, or that the children will not be able to emotionally or mentally develop correctly, again as a result of having gay parents. However, what the people who do not agree with the idea are shutting out of their thoughts are the positive effects that have been proven through many observations and studies that have been performed on homoseuxal individuals, couples, and families. For example, there are children who have grown up with gay parents and it has been seen that they are …show more content…
The concern is that they will be scared to socialize normally because they do not want to be made fun of for their parents. When it comes to these situations, it is the gay parents’ responsibility to start from the beginning and teach that diversity is very much normal and should be accepted and that it is not something that the child needs to be ashamed of. Michael Rosenfeld performed a study on the level of academic readiness for children from different races, economic, and parental situations. In his article “Nontraditional Families and Childhood Progress Through School,” Rosenfeld used data from the 2000 Census. Rosenfeld discovered that although growing up in a different lifestyle, children of homosexual couples do not show any abnormal grade retention levels. Based on how Rosenfeld conducted his study, his conclusion can also not be argued. The data used for his study was based on family units that had been established five or more years before the census which concludes that the families used in the study were comfortable with their lifestyle and had settled into a normal routine with it. That showed that the children in the study were not still trying to figure out a new style of life since that had been living it for at least five years at the time. This shows that children of homosexual families can and do function just as “normally” as those of heterosexual

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