Gay Marriage Speech Essay

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Gay Marriage

1. Introduction A. Many people today talk about the sanctity of marriage. This belief is part of the reason why many people believe that gay marriage should not be legalized in America. To these people I pose the question, is marriage really all that sacred in this country and would letting anyone who wants to enter into same sex marriage make it not so? In my opinion, people like Britney Spears and anyone else who will jump into a Las Vegas 3-day wedding, are the people who are destroying the sanctity of marriage. B. Legalizing gay marriage in America is important because it is as much a part of discrimination as slavery was. The only difference in this battle is that religion has gotten involved as a main argument
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H. The Bible's involvement
Most of the time, the Bible is utilized to condemn homosexuality and to justify the banning of gay marriage. There are specific texts in the Bible that define marriage as that between a man and a woman, and other texts that noticeably declare homosexuality as a sin (much like divorce and adultery, although these sins are sloughed off more often than not). Since marriage seems to be dictated exclusively by a solitary, gay-unyielding, religious piece of literature, homosexuals are unable to receive certain basic civil rights. This directly contradicts the United States Constitution, which encompasses the permanent ambition of universal human rights. Freedom is available to those who obey the law and do not impede anyone else's freedom. If no other forms of civil unions are recognized, then not only are certain individuals being denied equal treatment under the law, but also, the First Amendment right to freedom of religion is being directly violated. The Bible cannot and should not be used to define any sort of laws, due to the fact that it would impose its moral values and a standard of spirituality on the entire population. Historically, this is the same method that was used to condone slavery and the oppression of women (all these causes oppress a minority and are justified only by Biblical texts). Whether or not homosexuality is a choice is irrelevant when it comes to basic human rights. All people are to be

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