Essay Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

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In America, Marriage Equality is a very hot topic. Same sex marriage is now legal throughout America. Many people are not happy about it, but some people are. This topic will always be very questionable topic in America. A lot of people do not believe that gays should not be allowed to be married, but for now they are. No matter what the law says, people are going to always fight about what they believe in. People from both sides are convinced that they are right so they feel like they should argue about it which is making a big fight. In my opinion, I feel like gay marriage should be illegal. I feel like people should only be with the opposite sex, because that is what I was taught growing up. As a Christian, I believe it is wrong to be gay, but I also believe it is wrong to judge the people who are choosing to be homosexual. With saying that, although I am against gay marriage, I am not going to judge people for being gay because of this reason. But I definitely do not believe in gay marriage.
Another big reason I believe that gay marriage should be illegal is that I feel like people who grow up with the same sex parents are more likely to get made fun of because that is not normal in today 's society. If it was normal in today’s society gays wouldn’t have to fight for their believes all of the time. Kids who grow up with only one parent would be more likely to fit in than a kid that has gay parents.
My opinion with this matter is I would rather not see it be legal, but…

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