Gay Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

1235 Words Oct 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Hutchinson 1
Valexicia Hutchinson
Dr. Taylor
Eng. 132.3
12 Oct.2016 Homosexuality

As a living citizen in America, I have witnessed the trending topic about Homosexuals being allowed to marry in every state in not just one. In 1869 the term homosexual was used for the first time by a Hungarian doctor , who asked to legalize gay marriage .This topic has been discussed for several years and everyone has his or her own personal perspective on the situation whether they for it or against it. Mostly the individuals that stand against gay marriages are people that believe in a different belief, Christianity or just feel that a marriage should contain opposite genders. Many people say barring the same sex is a sin, but in reality by law the state and constitution overrule religion. As of today, gay marriages are only allowed in thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia and people are wanting to make a change in that. I feel that homosexuals should be allowed to marry in every state because everyone has his or her own rights and religion and shouldn’t have to live by laws. First, gay marriages should be legalized because it will decrease violence and hate crimes in society along with a better living environment. The author Chris Saldana stated in his article that Reported hate crimes committed against peoples because of their sexual orientation increased in…

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