Legalize Gay Marriage

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Our country was built on equality and freedom of speech, equality, ones actions and religion. The matter of whether or not same sex marriage should be legalized has been of especial controversy and relevance in the past decade. As increasingly more public figures such as celebrities and athletes are coming out, they are joining the number of people that will not be recognized later in their lives if they chose to marry. There are cases made that this union is unnatural and should be prohibited. However, a gay marriage right on a federal level is a necessary change that must be made in the near future in order for the country to progress and improve the well-beings of potentially thousands. Many people who are opposed to this notion argue …show more content…
Not allowing this thought to pass would encourage an impression of social inferiority towards gays to continue to exist in the general public. It has been shown through recent survey that gay teens that live in states with strict prohibition of their marriage rights have experienced increased anxiety, resulting in a dependence on underage alcohol consumption. It is astounding that the idea that gays are not equal in their ability to marry exists while there are continuous efforts to implement in our society, for example in schools, that everyone be treated with respect. The nation is repeatedly bullying gay citizens by excluding them from being able to act in a way in which the majority can. Those who oppose the recognition of same sex marriage argue that it is unnatural. Nonetheless they are confusing their opinion over marriage and the correctness of being gay. It should be recognized that anthropologically, same sex partnership has existed for centuries past and has added a factor of stability and humanness to the evolution of mankind. The opposition expresses the point that gays cannot conceive their own children which drives them to adopt and feel a sense of tainted gratification. Though the act of adoption still requires as much responsibility and selflessness as procreation. Orphans need parents and should not be denied the opportunity to live in a stable home with two guardians because the intentions are deemed “impure”. It is understandable that an adult would feel satisfied after adoption; they improved the life of another individual. In addition to decreasing the number of parent-less children, this law would stimulate the acceptance of gay marriage in all generations, for no one is exempt from the law. If society can create a stable place for the future leaders, including the adopted children of gay parents, to grow up in, the world

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