Essay about Gay Marriage: Pros and Cons

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Marriage Is Not Equal For All
Gay Marriages

Mikaela Acosta

Gay marriage has been subject to taboo because our society has this conformed and learned version of marriage; marriage is only held between a man and a woman. Although this is more common today to hear of gay couples, in the first couple centuries in America this was almost unacceptable to general society. Beginning in 2001 was when gay marriage began to become much more widespread starting in Canada, Norway, Belgium, Argentina, Sweden, South Africa, and Iceland. The actual first introduction of gay marriage does vary from different jurisdictions. Gay marriage is such a topic of interest because of the various conflicts in which it brings up, such as religious, civil
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As mentioned above the government felt that it would be in the best interest of the child if they were raised by heterosexual parents. The obstacles of a child would be the prejudice and the judgmental attitudes of other children and parents. Children face adversity all of the time, no matter the parent’s sexual orientation.
Marriage between a man and a woman definition of marriage only makes our culture limited to a greater understanding of appreciating all types of people, and various ideals and beliefs. Our nation should not discriminate in any basis for any reason. We are a nation of hypocrites to “the land of the free”, for prejudice still remains alive and well.

1. Belonging in America: How to Understand Same-Sex Marriage.
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Part of the Symposium on the Family and Belonging
Burt, Robert A.
BYU Journal of Public Law; June 2011, Vol. 25 Issue 2, p351-360, 10p
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Feature Article
United States -- Supreme Court; Segregation; Gay marriage
The article explores the concept of belonging in American family law which is essential in understanding same-sex marriage. It reviews several U.S. Supreme Court cases which involve same-sex marriage including “Lawrence v. Texas,” “Bowers v. Hardwick” and “Brown v. Board of

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