Essay about Gay Marriage And The Right Of Free Speech

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In a historic ruling the US Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the country. Religion stands on both sides of the issue forcing the church to reexamine their views about sexuality, marriage and LGBT acceptance.

Self Awareness:
Core beliefs and origins are fully explained and expressed. The Reverend J.D. Greear of The Summit Church says that they believe in the right of free speech, but it’s not reasonable to tell us that we cannot express our opinion because we translate our views on gay marriage from two thousand years of religious history. The reverend does agree that there is a need for more empathy within the discussion, but the church has the privilege to stay with its own morale code, no matter now unpopular that code may be within society. The Christian church says that regardless of the court 's decision it will not amend the Lord 's doctrine that marriage can only take place with the opposite sex as ordained by God. A large number of the U.S. religious associations remain solidly against same-sex marriage. At the same time some religious groups have chosen to allow and perform the same sex ceremony. The Methodist Church does not permit same-sex unions, but they have been endlessly debating the issue. The church defrocked, but later reinstated the Reverend Frank Schaefer, a Methodist pastor that performed a same-sex wedding service for his gay son. The case has divided the church with some clergy members saying that gay marriage is…

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