Essay on Gay Marriage And Same Sex Marriage

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Gay marriage, also known as same-sex marriage, has and will continue to be a highly

controversial topic throughout the world today. According to the Williams Institute at UCLA,

only 3.5 percent of Americans claim to be homosexual, yet it continues to divide this great

nation. In the United States, 39 out of the 50 states oppose gay marriage, 6 states allow it, and 5

states allow a civil union between same-sex partners, but do not allow them to marry. These

numbers seem like they would be in favor of the ones opposed to gay marriage, but according to

a Gallup poll in 2012, only 48 percent of Americans oppose it. Same-sex marriage, whether for

it or opposed to it, is bringing some together, yet driving others further apart (Stark 1).

Those who oppose gay marriage say that “marriage comes from the Bible, and

homosexuality is directly against the Bible,” but marriage can actually be traced back some

4,350 years ago to the ancient Mesopotamians who were seeking “producing legitimate

offspring,” as opposed to “love.” In saying that, the whole idea and reasoning of marriage has

significantly changed from its original intent, which was reproduction. It is also said that

homosexuality is becoming more and more common, but again in reference to the Bible, the city

of Sodom and Gomorrah was made up almost entirely of homosexuals and those who supported

it, so homosexuality has old roots also. defines marriage as “the social institution…

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